About Land Governance Working Group

Land Governance Working Group (LGWG) is a Joint Initiative of the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation (MOLMCPA) of the Government of Nepal, Civil Society Organizations, International Non-Governmental Organizations and Intergovernmental Organizations that are working on Land and resource related issues in Nepal.

International Land Coalition (ILC), its national Members and MOLMCPA together with other INGOs, and IGOs established Multi-Stakeholder Platform – LGWG to promote and strengthen the implementation of people centered land governance (PCLG) through joint strategies that enable systematic political change at country-level.

LGWG, as a consultative platform, structured and inspired by 10 commitments adopted by ILC for PCLG, brings together Government-line agencies and other stakeholders to discuss land governance, management and administrative issue to suggest alternative policy solutions, identify gap and formulate joint plan to fulfill gap at both program and implementation level.

LGWG believes in joint action steps to achieve common priorities to help people and organizations working on land and related issues nationwide gain alternative view for implications of People centered Land Governance. LGWG as a common platform believes that it will be rewarding experience in Land reform efforts in Nepal if efforts for implementation are made honestly. It does not provide ready-made solutions, rather it seeks to enrich policy debate and create a locus where collective efforts can be activated for transformation.