Our Priorities

Strengthen Public Organizations

Objective: Efficient land governance in Nepal Expected Outcome: people centered land governance strengthened, internal governance of land related public institutions strengthened, Outcome Indicators: Information management system improved, service delivery improved, cases of corruption reduced Issues Under Consideration: capacity development, technical training, collaboration with communities, financial support, human resource Proposed Actions: […]

Redefine ‘People to Land Relations’ in the Changed Local Context

Objective: Establish common understanding about land and land related issues. Expected Outcome: Common consensus on the concept of land and related issues is ensured Outcome indicator: Common understanding about ‘land’, ‘people to land relations’ among CSOs members of LGWG is achieved. Issue under consideration: Land rights, property rights, land tenure, […]

Identification, Enumeration and Categorization of Land & People

Objective: Create updated database on land and people Expected Outcome: Real Landless and land owners are identified and their data is updated. Used, unused, misused, underused, abandoned land is identified and data related is updated. Once land is identified, it will be categorized under various categories provided in the Land […]

Landscape Restoration

Objective: Control unsustainable use of different landscapes Excepted Outcome: Sustainable land use practices are promoted Outcome Indicator: Pastoralists in Chure will reduce overgrazing activities. Issues Under Consideration: Pastoralism, shifting cultivation, agriculture practices, pesticides, sediments, vegetation, ecosystem services Proposed Actions: action research, awareness program, community interaction, policy discussion Detailed Action plan […]

Modeling Land Reform in Nepal

Objective: Realizing social justice through proper land reform model Expected Outcome: Appropriate model of land reform is in place Outcome indicator: Land reform model for Nepal is agreed by majority of the MSP Members Issues Under Consideration: Redistribution of land, land leasing system, private ownership, state ownership, community ownership, Land […]

Livelihood improvement for Land Poor communities

Objective: support livelihood strategies of land poor communities Excepted Outcome: Overall livelihood improved Outcome Indicator: 20 percent of income increased, 30 percent production from their far increased Issues under Consideration: agriculture, livestock, vegetable farming, food crops, cash crops , agriculture value chain, employment, income generation, wage. Proposed Activities: Community Farming, […]

Curriculum Development

Objective: Popularize Bhumi Sikashya [Land Education] in Nepalese education system Expected Outcome: Curriculum for Primary level is developed and accepted by the government Outcome Indicator: Curriculum developed for Primary level school education Issues under consideration: Land Tenure, concept of land, land reform, land and development, land degradation, sustainable use, type […]

Implementation of Land Related SDGs

Objective: Support government to collect data on the related indicators Expected Outcome: Updated Data on women land ownership, land degradation, land grabbing, land use, urbanization Outcome Indicators:  Data on land ownership of women will be collected Issues Under Consideration: land use, land degradation, land restoration, women and land, climate change, […]

Strengthen Peoples Organization

Objective: Social mobilization for land rights Expected Outcome: peoples’ organization strengthened specially of small holder, landless and disadvantaged people at local level to raise their land rights issues strongly Outcome Indicators: 25000 new members organized under VLRF Issues Under Consideration: connect, mobilize and influence Proposed Action: formation and reformation of […]